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April 28, 2006

How Stupid!

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I finally have something to write about. I was at tonight’s game, and I must say that Bobby Cox made a horrible move in the bottom of the ninth.

The Braves were down 5-2, bases loaded, 2 outs, Brian McCann is due up. Since Billy Wagner, a left hander, was pitching, Cox sent in Todd Pratt to hit instead. I don’t remember if it only took 3 pitches or not, but Todd Pratt struck out looking.

Now I will grant you the fact that Brian McCann is not hitting very well against lefties at the moment, but he has shown he can handle left handed pitching. There is no reason McCann should have been taken out of the game at that point.

I have always thought Cox goes with the lefty vs righty rule way too much. How many times has he lifted a hot hitter just because of who is pitching? How many times has he made a left hander that is more effective against righties his left handed specialist out of the bullpen?

Cox’s bonehead move ruined an otherwise awesome game. The pregame consisted of the Navy Leap Frogs parachuting into the stadium. That was followed by a fly over by the Blue Angels after the national anthem. The Budweiser Clydesdales did a lap around the field between one of the middle innings too. On top of all that we were able to stay at out table in the 755 club the entire game, which is way longer than the 90 minute limit.

While we are talking about things that upset me, Fox (who bought Turner South) has announced that Bob Rathbun and Jeff Torborg will be announcing the games on Turner South as well as FSN South. While Jeff Torborg is many times better than his predecessor, Tom Paciorek, he is still leaves a lot to be desired. I will admit though that he isn’t near as bad with his name dropping on FSN South as he was with Fox last year.

And, my last topic of disgust is with the possible future owners of the Braves. Liberty Media, another large corporation, is in talks to acquire the Braves from Time Warner in exchange for cash and Time Warner stock. If Liberty Media sells its Time Warner stock back in exchange for Time Warner assets, they don’t have to pay near as much in taxes. That is the only reason they want to buy the Braves. Allow me to be political for a moment7: this is one reason I support the Fair Tax. (which is our spotlight item at the moment, even though its not baseball related)

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