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May 31, 2008

Braves @ Reds, 5/31 or Why Soriano?

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W: Francisco Cordero (2-0) L: Manny Acosta (3-2)


I realize that Soriano was the closer before he went on the DL, but I don’t think it was a good move to throw him back into the roll so soon, especially a one-run game on the road. While I realize that I am posting this after he gave up the lead, I honestly was wondering that when I saw he was out there pitching. I don’t think he necessarily needs to “earn” the role back, but he should have a few more innings under his belt than the one he pitched in the 8-1 win over Milwaukee.

I am also wondering if the scouting reports are begining to make the rounds on Jurrjens. He didn’t pitch great against Arizona on 5/26, and his control was horrible today. On a positve note though, I think we can safely say that Teixeira has finally warmed up. It couldn’t happen at a better time either, because teams are starting to pitch around Chipper more and more.

Finally, listen to me now, and believe me later, Jay Bruce will be the Rookie of the Year.

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May 30, 2008

Braves @ Reds, 5/30

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W: Kent Mercker (1-0) L: Royce Ring (1-1)


The Braves are wearing their all blue hats with their standard away jerseys tonight. The all blue hats are normally reserved for the new blue alts. They wore the hat last night too and shellacked the Brewers to salvage the last game of the series. Anything to win on the road.

In bad news, they Braves put Kotsay on the 15-day DL with back problems. They called Josh Anderson up from Richmond. Kotsay has been playing so well this year, we can only hope he gets back on the field soon.

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May 25, 2008

Ramblings – May 25, 2008

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Well, we lost one today. Am I the only one who feels that this is the last year for Tommy Glavine, Smoltzie, and Greg Maddux? Smoltz looks like his arm has finally had it and he’s breaking down. Glavine is simply unable to locate like he once could, and since he’s the penultimate ”nibbler”, a pitcher who lives on the outside of the plate, he’s dead in the water. Maddux, well, he could probably pitch forever because he’s more intelligent than pretty much every player, but it just feels like the end. And wouldn’t it be great when they all 3 are first ballot guys in 5 years and they all entered the Hall as Braves? 

Does Randy Johnson always seem like he’s lights out against the Braves? In his last 3 games vs. the Braves he’s given up 1 run, and pitched a perfect game.. Not to mention he has the single best phallic-symbol moniker of all-time. 

I also seem to remember Brandon Webb pitching incredibly versus Atlanta last year. This does not bode well for tomorrow, when I’ll be at the game, because Jair Jurrjens run support has been anemic, and facing Webb is going to make this a long day me thinks.  

Anyway, enough of this gibberish. See you tomorrow at the Memorial Day festivities!

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May 20, 2008

Box Scores

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W: Tom Glavine (2-1) L: John Maine (5-3)


I installed a new wordpress plugin that allows us to easily post box scores when we blog about a specific game. The linescore plugin was created by the same people that made the standings plugin that you can find on the right side of the page. The box score above is from the first game of tonight’s double header.

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May 19, 2008

John Smoltz

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In case you haven’t heard, John Smoltz had a setback with his rehab and will not be returning this month after all. Smoltz himself doesn’t seem very optimistic either:

“It could be anywhere between the [late May] timetable I discussed and a lot longer,” said Smoltz, 41, who reported discomfort following his Thursday and Saturday bullpen sessions. He said he doesn’t know yet whether he can pitch in games until the situation improves — or when it will improve.

You can read the full article here.

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On another note I thought I would test out the ability to embed a video. Below is the unassisted triple play turned by Asdrubal Cabrera back on May 12th. I wanted to post a video of when Sid Slid, but I can’t find one. Any one know where one exists?

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May 18, 2008

A’s @ Braves, 5/18

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The game is on right now, going into the bottom of the 5th. Braves lead 3-1. Reyes is on the mound and I have to say he looks pretty good. Only allowed a run, a one-out homer to Bobby “Bing” Crosby in the first, on 6 hits and this point and he has stuck out 6.

I am glad the Braves are on their longest home stand of the season. They need to string together some wins and (crap, Brown just scored, 3-2) get into the lead in the division while New York is struggling. Everyone knows the Marlins will not sustain their hot start so we need to (and now they have taken Reyes out of the game) put some distance on the field.

Back to watching the game.


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May 12, 2008

Welcome Wagon

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In keeping with patrick’s introductory post, here comes another. My name is Luke and I was born a Braves fan, like everyone who would ever come to a blog like this. My parents have been Braves fans since the team came to Atlanta in the 60′s.

As an aside, my least favorite Brave of all-time is Jeff Blauser, that is all. He made Karl Malone look like Reggie Jackson.

Also, a note as an admin, if you call yourself a Braves fan but state that you are not a fan of Chipper Jones, you’ll be perma-banned… ok, I kid, but I’ll be upset.

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May 11, 2008

Back again!

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Sure, it’s been seven months since anyone posted on this site but look for it to get much busier around here. Chase recruited me and maybe a couple of other folks to contribute content to the site.

There isn’t much to say about me except that I am a 23 year old Braves fan. I don’t really have a favorite player anymore, what with free agency and ever changing rosters. My favorite Braves moment has to be The Slide. Yeah, I know, real original.

Today’s game against the Pirates was rained out. They are making it up with a doubleheader tomorrow. The first game will be played at 12:35 and the second at 4:05 PM making this a very rare true doubleheader.

There is talk that the Braves may promote pitching prospect Charlie Morton to the big league club to make a spot start this week because of the mash-up caused by today’s postponement. If he isn’t called up jack-of-all-trades Jeff Bennett will most likely make a start.


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