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May 24, 2012


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Hi guys,

Lets play a game.  I’ll list some stats for 3 different players and you tell me who you would rather have playing or pitching. Answers at the end.

Which batter do you want?


Which pitcher do you want?



Batter A: Juan Francisco
Batter B: Chris Nelson, Rockies
Batter C: Ian Stewart, Cubs

Pitcher A: Kris Medlen
Pitcher B: Chad Durbin
Pitcher C: Mike Minor

The stats don’t lie folks.  Something is rotten in Atlanta. We’ve got TONS of talent on this roster. We just gotta get that talent onto the field and sit the guys that just aren’t cutting it right now. If they pick it up later on great but for now they need to ride some pine and get their heads right.

How does this scenario strike you:

  1. Send Minor to the minors to get a little more seasoning against some easier competition.
  2. Put Medlen in the 5 spot.
  3. Bring up Joey Terdoslavich to play 3rd or Jose Constanza to play LF and put Prado at 3rd until Chipper is ready to come back full time.

Aight I’m done with my rant, but you can look forward to more statistical analysis/manipulation in the future. For now lets get ready for the homestand this weekend and get back onto the winning track.



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Case Of The Road Trip Blues

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Man it’s been a tough few games for our Braves. The past four games we’re 1-4 and hitting only .158 and tonight could be swept by the Reds (let’s hope not).  A BIG reason for the recent skip is our leader Chipper being out with a pretty nasty bruise on his leg.  If you didn’t know, Chipper got nailed above the ankle during the Rays game Saturday. He was down for a while but went on to play four innings before Fredi pulled him.  He hasn’t played since, which sucks because I know he wants to run around those special bases the Reds made for his trip to Great American Ball Park. He did get to touch first after being walked in a pinch hit job last night, but that doesn’t count in my book. Fransisco hasn’t exactly stepped up either. Yeah he did hit a home run against the Reds, but big whoop (yeah I said big whoop) Bourn our leadoff hit two in one game and my Uggla got a second deck bomb last night, so Juan, you’re not that cool. Bat flipping fool. End rant. At least Prado has been hot during the skid, he’s hitting .463 with 7 extra base hits and a .521 OBP. That means he’s getting on base but no one is getting him in. We’ve gone from scoring 5+ runs a game to struggling to get 2. But cold streaks happen, I’m just hoping this one doesn’t last long with the Nationals coming to town tomorrow. Memorial Day weekend and a battle for the lead over the NL East, I likey.  With that being said, let’s win tonight boys, get on a plane, sleep in your own bed, and beat the poo out of the Nationals this weekend (since I’ll be in the stands).

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Keep those Chopping arms going and GO BRAVES!!


P.S. I’m going to start doing game recaps so be on the look out :)

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Poll: Mike Minor

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I just added two polls in relation to Mike Minor:

What should the Braves do with Minor?

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Who should replace Minor in the rotation?

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Who should Medlen replace in the rotation?

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