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May 15, 2012

Hello Braves Fans!

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Hey there everyone!
Just to start off my new blogging experience I’m going to tell y’all a little bit about myself:

That’s really all you need to know right now I guess, but anyways let’s get to the baseball talk.

How about our red hot Braves right now? The regulars are hitting above .250 and everyone on the team (besides pitchers) and Jack Wilson have hit home runs. Wilson would have one but sadly it was robbed, but he’ll get his maybe before Huddy gets one. Freddie Freeman has been on fire lately and what about the Old Man playing like he’s 27 again. Show me another 40 year old who can hit .300 with 5 bombs and 22 ribbies.  Chipper is the leader of the ball club and it’s evident when the dude doesn’t play. Not 100% sure of the record when Chipper isn’t in, but I know it’s not even close to good.  Uggla and J-Hey look like they’ve found their stride and have vastly improved their numbers from this time last year (thank God).  Last May Uggla was hitting MAYBE a buck ninety and now he’s at .275 yeah he’s striking out at least once a game, but he’s having hits too.  The Bourn Supremacy is playing great ball too, it’s always a great day when you know your leadoff dude has a .870 OBP.  Leadoff guy getting on base usually leads to early runs, which any fan who watched games last year knows, didn’t happen all too often. Here’s to hoping the bats stay hot as we move on into the middle of May.

Let’s talk about pitching, mostly let’s talk about Brandon Beachy.

Good Lord isn’t this kid what we’ve been needing. When JJ started struggling I knew someone was going to have to step up and Brandon did just that. 4-1 record and a 1.60 ERA in seven games. Talk about stepping up.  Huddy coming back has helped a lot too. The guy is a great leader and a great mentor to the younger guys.  Minor and Hanson have looked pretty good as well, not great, but acceptable. Then there’s the bullpen, I love everyone (yes even Uncle Livan) except for ole Chad Durbin… (Here comes Durbin better grab your Bourbon) But I’ll be nice in my first blog, but I’m not promising nothing later on.  The bullpen is looking strong and hopefully they’ll continue to be strong as Moylan gets ready to return soon.

My last comment is, why in the world can writing essays for college not be this easy? But in serious terms, thanks for reading this, leave comments on what you guys would like to see and if anyone knows Dan Uggla’s address let me know… (No seriously, let me know)

Keep the Chopping arms warmed up and GO BRAVES!

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  1. chase Says:

    If you become a famous sports writer, just remember, I “discovered” you and gave you your first “job”

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