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May 18, 2012

Hi Everybody

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First attempt at a blog so bear with me. A little Background info on myself. My name is Brandon, I’m 27 from a small NC town. I consider myself an adequate athlete being able to play most any sport to at least a passable level of skill. Lifelong Braves fan. Grew up loving guys like Clontz and Wohlers, and Klesko and Javy (and if you don’t know any of those guys get your google on).

I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with Mathematics minor so I will analyze and look at stats more in depth and differently than other people.

My blogs should be fun to read if you enjoy shows like Around the Horn or First Take or Sportsnation because I am capable of going on a rant if given the subject and motivation. (You’ll see a glimpse in a minute).

I have players I like, players I don’t like but respect, and then guys I just can’t stand *cough* Bonds *cough*

Follow me on twitter at @KrisMedlensBill . Myself and the other bloggers usually tweet during games for your enjoyment.

Now time for a rant… Chipper Jones is one of the best switch hitting 3rd baseman of ALL TIME! That’s a fact no one can argue against. My list of people I can’t stand includes one Vinny Castilla. Braves picked him up and moved Chipper to LF to make room for him. FIRST thing Chipper is better than Castilla could even fathom being. Chipper should not be supplanted by any player unless you get a time machine and grab Ripken, Jr in his prime. Then MAYBE! But I firmly believe (wrongly or rightly) that a lot of Chipper’s current ailments stem from that time spent in the outfield because of Vinny. So in my mind NO VINNY=Chipper NOT retiring yet. And I don’t think there is any Braves fan that would hate Chipper staying around a few more years. And I don’t remember being overly impressed with Castilla’s performance either. So we move Chipper for a guy who doesn’t live up to the billing and lose a few years off Chipper’s career the way I see it. So here’s to you Vinny Castilla. You are the first member on “The List” … Check back soon for other List members including the likes of Terry Pendleton and Melky Cabrera.

Thanks for reading guys and have a nice day

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