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May 29, 2012

It’s Over….

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W: Delgado (3-5) L: Westbrook (4-4) S: Kimbrel (14)


… The 8 game curse is over! Thank goodness, I was actually starting to get really worried. With all of the injuries coming on at once I didn’t know if we’d have enough guys to play. First off Chipper goes down with a nasty leg bruise, then Mac gets the flu, Freddie can’t cry, and Rossy pulls his groin. Not a good stretch. But tonight we had something going. Bourn hit a bomb his 5th, which is tied for his career high and it’s only May, Prado continued to be Pradomatic, and Uggla hit his 8th rocket of the year. Even though Yadier had a great night, the Braves were able to hold on and get Delgado a much-needed win and Kimbrel some much-needed work.

Now let me get on my Uggla Soap Box real quick:
30 RBIs, 8HR, 48 hits, 11 doubles, 34 walks, a .262 average, and a .379 on base percentage and I repeat it’s only May. He had 62 walks the entire season last year, so far he’s on pace for roughly 90 walks. A power hitter getting 90 walks in a season is great, shows patience at the plate. Plus he’s fun to watch and you get to watch him a lot because so far he’s played every inning of this 2012 season, and that’s just what he wants to do. He’s got my respect, but you all knew that already…
*Steps off of Uggla Soap Box*

Let’s recap tonight’s game:

For the Cardinals it was pretty slow offensively except for Yadier Molina who went 4-4 with 3RBIs and a run scored. Braves hits came from Bourn, Prado, Uggla, Heyward, and Constanza in a lineup where the pitcher batted 8th and Jose Constanza was in the 9 hole. I do in fact agree with this decision, I see it all the time in college softball. Bat the pitcher in the 8 hole and then someone fast in the 9 hole as a second leadoff kind of thing.  It worked out pretty well for us tonight when Constanza got on base, so maybe we’ll see it again while he’s up. Braves offense came in the form of a Micahel Bourn lead off home run in the first and then an Uggla three run home run in the 3rd (with two outs). Prado and Bourn were both on base. The 5th run came on a Constanza score on a wild pitch (that I call a passed ball but no one cares what I think). Venters came in the 7th and again looked a little shaky, his sinker isn’t looking good at all because it’s not sinking (haha) but we held on with O’Flaherty in the 8th and the Killa Craig came in the save it out in the 9th (his 14th). And that’s how the curse of the 8 game losing streak ended. Now it’s time to get on a long winning streak and to get back on top of the NL East
MVP(s) of the game: Bourn, Uggla, and Delgado. Two home run hitters, and the starting pitcher who’s looking to stay in the rotation.

So that’s tonight’s recap, Keep those arms a choppin’ and Go Braves!


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