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July 1, 2012

Soapbox Time

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Ok so I was just glancing through tweets and saw something about Yu Darvish and saw the word “rookie” used for him. In my not so humble opinion Asian imports who have been playing professional ball overseas should NOT be considered rookies.

Case in point Ichiro. He was considered a rookie YET people ALSO want to count his stats from Japan in his hits totals. Um NO?! You cannot have both. Either he’s a rookie or he has prior stats. That’s like counting Chipper’s hits and HRs from when he was in the minors. It’s NOT MLB so they don’t count towards career stats.

And if you say Asian ball is the same as the minors well maybe. BUT not really. Those leagues I consider to be more advanced than the minors. Even though they play in matchbox stadiums with smaller balls that will travel farther and thrown faster.

A lot of this animosity obviously stems from Chipper being ROBBED of his ROY by Hideo Nomo (where is he at now?) but my point remains.

If you agree/disagree let me hear it in the comments section. I’m going to hop down from my soapbox now. #EndRant

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One Response to “Soapbox Time”

  1. chase Says:

    I definitely agree with you on the point that you can’t import your stats AND be considered a rookie.

    In terms of whether they should be considered rookies, I’m split. I, without a doubt, believe that the MLB is the premiere baseball league in the world. I don’t think there are any that compare to it, both in terms of talent and difficulty. With that in mind, why wouldn’t someone that had never played in the MLB be considered a rookie? If you say that someone playing in another professional league is not a rookie during his first year in the MLB, then you are essentially saying that he played in a league that was equivalent to the MLB. When you grant that equivalency, and base his tenure on his “imported” playing time, I think you have to import his statistics at that point as well.

    As much as I hate Chipper getting robbed of RotY (and I think he was robbed regardless of whether Nomo was a true rookie or not) I think I would much rather something like that happen, than a player come over with 800 home runs, play a season, and then retire the home run king.

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