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August 15, 2012

The Melk Has Turned Sour

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So apparently Melky Cabrera tested positive for testosterone and admitting using a substance that was illegal. He has been suspended 50 games. All this in the midst of what was the best year of his career. As basically EVERY Braves fan that actually watched games could tell you, this comes as NO surprise at all. Melky is, was, and always will be a mediocre at best player.

Flashback to 2010. One of the WORST statistical seasons not just for his career but for the entire league. Not to mention the infamous “throwing a wet bar of soap” incident. Suddenly he goes from some schmuck hitter to an MVP candidate in less than 2 years and people didnt think to question that? He had a good year in KC but no telling what if anything he used there.

My belief is that he didnt use in KC or at the most just experimented with it. His usage didnt really begin until he joined the Giants franchise which earlier this season had another player suspended under the league’s drug policy. A franchise which was home to one of the most notorious suspected users of PEDs, Barry Bonds. I joked on my twitter that Melky had gotten Bonds’ old locker and found some leftover “flaxseed oil” which is what Bonds claimed he thought he was taking.

Obviously this is purely opinion, but for a player that had never even been above average to suddenly be an MVP candidate and get caught using illegal substances I think it speaks pretty clearly to the advantages said drugs can give a player.

It has been said that steroids can only make you hit harder, that it can’t make you a better hitter. Well in the case of one Melky Cabrera, it DID. He had no uptick in power numbers and his hitting was really the result of a lot of luck and fluky hits. Obviously testosterone doesn’t increase luck. But perhaps it helped his timing, his vision?, or something else. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know.

But at the end of the day the truth about Melky has come to light. That his meteoric rise has an equally brilliant crash back to earth. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig…er Melky.

I would like to, on behalf of all Braves fans everywhere, extend a genuine and heartfelt “Thank You” to Melky Cabrera. It wasn’t that you just sucked for us, it’s that you cheated for them. And I guess all that crotch chopping and other antics were just part of your roid rage?

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