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November 19, 2012

At a Loss Without Ross

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So I am sure all Braves fans know by now that the team let (the best backup catcher in MLB) David Ross sign with the Boston Red Sox. I for one was at first shocked, then deeply saddened, then infuriated that the team would allow this to happen. Not only was Ross a great player, always doing what was asked of him, but he was also an excellent clubhouse guy. He was a leader in the locker room. And that cannot be so simply replaced by Gerald Laird (no offense to him).

Ross was given a 2 year deal worth $6.2 million. Laird was also given a 2 year contract the value of which has yet to be released. However, if that amount is anything greater than 3-4 million then it is a JOKE! I would have much rather spent an extra 2 million on a guy like Ross that already has a presence in the clubhouse and, more importantly, with the fan base.

Brian McCann is expected to miss the first few weeks of the season due to surgery on his shoulder. And as a side note I think we should give him props for continuing to tough it out for as long as he was hurting (and Ross just the same). This means that Ross would have most likely started the season for us; now we can assume it will be Laird. Again, not knocking Laird’s skills as a player as he has proven himself more than capable, but he will only have the offseason to try to work on a rapport with the pitching staff to learn how they like to pitch. The other options are minor leaguers such as Christian Bethancourt and Evan Gattis both of whom are not really ready for everyday duty in the majors as of yet.

This seems to me like a very cheap move by the current ownership and another case of Frank Wren being Frank Wren. I hope it all works out in the end and the Braves can return to past glory, but I am still not going to be happy about losing out on such a great person as David Wade Ross.

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