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February 17, 2014

Spring Training. New Year. New Contracts. New Slates

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As I sit here and rejoice in the fact that Spring Training is here, I realize Spring Training is like a clean slate and a new beginning for each season. All 32 teams go into Spring Training excited about the chance of a new dawn. Even the Padres… But, this is the Braves blog, and I’m a Braves fan. So, let’s talk about the Braves.

This off season (up until 3 weeks ago?) was very quiet. Most of us were upset the Braves didn’t try to sign Huddy, Eric, or Macattack or even test the free agency pool. Random resginees began to happen (Pena, Schafer, Walden, etc.). Then one afternoon, I’m sitting here doing homework and I get a phone alert. “Braves avoid arbitration and sign Jason Heyward to a 2 year deal” wait what? The Braves didn’t give up? So, I log on Twitter and see a Freddie deal is coming to a close. “Braves sign Freddie Freeman to an 8 year 135 million dollar deal” WAIT, WHAT? I was ecstatic, like many of you. Wren didn’t quit there. Tehran and Killa Craig were next, and hopefully soon, Simmons will get his turn. In a matter of 2-3 weeks, a disappointing off season turned into 8 years of hope and excitement.

Not only did HUGE contracts happen recently, the entire team (except Simmons who had travel issues or something) reported to Orlando early. That right there says something about the excitement of the players. So Freddie, Heyward, J. Upton, and CJ23 are there working hard, taking pictures, signing autographs, and being awesome. And then there’s Uggla. Honestly, where do you begin? I’ve rooted for this dude for 2 years and what do I get? Nothing other than a guy who can’t get to the Mendoza line. It’s sad really. And disappointing. But the Uggla does an interview with Jeff Schultz (of the AJC) and explains he “was a mess” last season. He’s worked hard, redone his swing, lost some weight, and is ready to get back to business. So, Dan, YOU HAVE ONE MORE SEASON BEFORE I’M DONE WITH YOU! Clean slate and all that, Uggz. One more season and I’m with the rest of Braves Country. I’m not going to start the BJ Upton rant.

So here we go. Spring Training is here. Palm trees, fresh grass, sun, and baseball. It’s beautiful. It’s refreshing. It’s America’s past time. And, it’s back again for us.
Getcha choppin’ arm ready and LET’S GO BRAVES!

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June 19, 2012

Braves Baseball Makes Me Angry.

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So I haven’t blogged in a while and honestly it’s because there hasn’t been much to blog about. In the past 8 games we’re 1-7 , scored 16 runs and have had 3 shut outs.  But let me get on a different soap box, this is going to be about how much I honestly hate interleague play. And it’s not that I hate the idea of interleague play, I think it’s cool to see the different ball parks that you wouldn’t normally get to see, it’s the fact that we ALWAYS get the toughest teams. Guess who the Phillies play… the Twins. What a tough series. So we get stuck with the Jays (34-33), Yankees (41-25) and later on the BoSox (33-33) (but it’s at Fenway so I can complain).  Basically it just sucks that the moment you start slumping, the AL East is thrown your way. And I’m just frustrated in our play right now, like I tweeted earlier, “When we’re good, we’re World Champs but when we’re bad, the Bad News Bears could kick our butts.” So tonight boys, please figure something out in that little league ball park in New York and win a dadgum game before I blow a gasket.

Oh and don’t forget to Vote For Prado and the rest of your Braves in the All Star Race.

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May 31, 2012

#FearTheForearms T-shirts

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Hey guys, if you already didn’t know I run the @DanSluggla26 twitter page and a while back I started the hash tag #FearTheForearms. I’ve decided to start selling t shirts with the hashtag on there. They’re actually pretty sweet. I will probably put them on sale tomorrow or Saturday if you guys want to support the “Ariel Bumgardner College Charity” fund :) The web site is so check them out and let me know what you all think. They are made of cotton and come in all kinds of sizes. They will be $25 and I will cover shipping. In the future I figure I’ll make more shirts with different desgins. So check them out. Thanks!

Go Braves!

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May 29, 2012

It’s Over….

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W: Delgado (3-5) L: Westbrook (4-4) S: Kimbrel (14)


… The 8 game curse is over! Thank goodness, I was actually starting to get really worried. With all of the injuries coming on at once I didn’t know if we’d have enough guys to play. First off Chipper goes down with a nasty leg bruise, then Mac gets the flu, Freddie can’t cry, and Rossy pulls his groin. Not a good stretch. But tonight we had something going. Bourn hit a bomb his 5th, which is tied for his career high and it’s only May, Prado continued to be Pradomatic, and Uggla hit his 8th rocket of the year. Even though Yadier had a great night, the Braves were able to hold on and get Delgado a much-needed win and Kimbrel some much-needed work.

Now let me get on my Uggla Soap Box real quick:
30 RBIs, 8HR, 48 hits, 11 doubles, 34 walks, a .262 average, and a .379 on base percentage and I repeat it’s only May. He had 62 walks the entire season last year, so far he’s on pace for roughly 90 walks. A power hitter getting 90 walks in a season is great, shows patience at the plate. Plus he’s fun to watch and you get to watch him a lot because so far he’s played every inning of this 2012 season, and that’s just what he wants to do. He’s got my respect, but you all knew that already…
*Steps off of Uggla Soap Box*

Let’s recap tonight’s game:

For the Cardinals it was pretty slow offensively except for Yadier Molina who went 4-4 with 3RBIs and a run scored. Braves hits came from Bourn, Prado, Uggla, Heyward, and Constanza in a lineup where the pitcher batted 8th and Jose Constanza was in the 9 hole. I do in fact agree with this decision, I see it all the time in college softball. Bat the pitcher in the 8 hole and then someone fast in the 9 hole as a second leadoff kind of thing.  It worked out pretty well for us tonight when Constanza got on base, so maybe we’ll see it again while he’s up. Braves offense came in the form of a Micahel Bourn lead off home run in the first and then an Uggla three run home run in the 3rd (with two outs). Prado and Bourn were both on base. The 5th run came on a Constanza score on a wild pitch (that I call a passed ball but no one cares what I think). Venters came in the 7th and again looked a little shaky, his sinker isn’t looking good at all because it’s not sinking (haha) but we held on with O’Flaherty in the 8th and the Killa Craig came in the save it out in the 9th (his 14th). And that’s how the curse of the 8 game losing streak ended. Now it’s time to get on a long winning streak and to get back on top of the NL East
MVP(s) of the game: Bourn, Uggla, and Delgado. Two home run hitters, and the starting pitcher who’s looking to stay in the rotation.

So that’s tonight’s recap, Keep those arms a choppin’ and Go Braves!


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May 24, 2012

Case Of The Road Trip Blues

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Man it’s been a tough few games for our Braves. The past four games we’re 1-4 and hitting only .158 and tonight could be swept by the Reds (let’s hope not).  A BIG reason for the recent skip is our leader Chipper being out with a pretty nasty bruise on his leg.  If you didn’t know, Chipper got nailed above the ankle during the Rays game Saturday. He was down for a while but went on to play four innings before Fredi pulled him.  He hasn’t played since, which sucks because I know he wants to run around those special bases the Reds made for his trip to Great American Ball Park. He did get to touch first after being walked in a pinch hit job last night, but that doesn’t count in my book. Fransisco hasn’t exactly stepped up either. Yeah he did hit a home run against the Reds, but big whoop (yeah I said big whoop) Bourn our leadoff hit two in one game and my Uggla got a second deck bomb last night, so Juan, you’re not that cool. Bat flipping fool. End rant. At least Prado has been hot during the skid, he’s hitting .463 with 7 extra base hits and a .521 OBP. That means he’s getting on base but no one is getting him in. We’ve gone from scoring 5+ runs a game to struggling to get 2. But cold streaks happen, I’m just hoping this one doesn’t last long with the Nationals coming to town tomorrow. Memorial Day weekend and a battle for the lead over the NL East, I likey.  With that being said, let’s win tonight boys, get on a plane, sleep in your own bed, and beat the poo out of the Nationals this weekend (since I’ll be in the stands).

Remember to follow @DanSluggla26 on twitta for game day updates and live in-game tweeting.
Keep those Chopping arms going and GO BRAVES!!


P.S. I’m going to start doing game recaps so be on the look out :)

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May 15, 2012

Hello Braves Fans!

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Hey there everyone!
Just to start off my new blogging experience I’m going to tell y’all a little bit about myself:

That’s really all you need to know right now I guess, but anyways let’s get to the baseball talk.

How about our red hot Braves right now? The regulars are hitting above .250 and everyone on the team (besides pitchers) and Jack Wilson have hit home runs. Wilson would have one but sadly it was robbed, but he’ll get his maybe before Huddy gets one. Freddie Freeman has been on fire lately and what about the Old Man playing like he’s 27 again. Show me another 40 year old who can hit .300 with 5 bombs and 22 ribbies.  Chipper is the leader of the ball club and it’s evident when the dude doesn’t play. Not 100% sure of the record when Chipper isn’t in, but I know it’s not even close to good.  Uggla and J-Hey look like they’ve found their stride and have vastly improved their numbers from this time last year (thank God).  Last May Uggla was hitting MAYBE a buck ninety and now he’s at .275 yeah he’s striking out at least once a game, but he’s having hits too.  The Bourn Supremacy is playing great ball too, it’s always a great day when you know your leadoff dude has a .870 OBP.  Leadoff guy getting on base usually leads to early runs, which any fan who watched games last year knows, didn’t happen all too often. Here’s to hoping the bats stay hot as we move on into the middle of May.

Let’s talk about pitching, mostly let’s talk about Brandon Beachy.

Good Lord isn’t this kid what we’ve been needing. When JJ started struggling I knew someone was going to have to step up and Brandon did just that. 4-1 record and a 1.60 ERA in seven games. Talk about stepping up.  Huddy coming back has helped a lot too. The guy is a great leader and a great mentor to the younger guys.  Minor and Hanson have looked pretty good as well, not great, but acceptable. Then there’s the bullpen, I love everyone (yes even Uncle Livan) except for ole Chad Durbin… (Here comes Durbin better grab your Bourbon) But I’ll be nice in my first blog, but I’m not promising nothing later on.  The bullpen is looking strong and hopefully they’ll continue to be strong as Moylan gets ready to return soon.

My last comment is, why in the world can writing essays for college not be this easy? But in serious terms, thanks for reading this, leave comments on what you guys would like to see and if anyone knows Dan Uggla’s address let me know… (No seriously, let me know)

Keep the Chopping arms warmed up and GO BRAVES!

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