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November 19, 2012

At a Loss Without Ross

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So I am sure all Braves fans know by now that the team let (the best backup catcher in MLB) David Ross sign with the Boston Red Sox. I for one was at first shocked, then deeply saddened, then infuriated that the team would allow this to happen. Not only was Ross a great player, always doing what was asked of him, but he was also an excellent clubhouse guy. He was a leader in the locker room. And that cannot be so simply replaced by Gerald Laird (no offense to him).

Ross was given a 2 year deal worth $6.2 million. Laird was also given a 2 year contract the value of which has yet to be released. However, if that amount is anything greater than 3-4 million then it is a JOKE! I would have much rather spent an extra 2 million on a guy like Ross that already has a presence in the clubhouse and, more importantly, with the fan base.

Brian McCann is expected to miss the first few weeks of the season due to surgery on his shoulder. And as a side note I think we should give him props for continuing to tough it out for as long as he was hurting (and Ross just the same). This means that Ross would have most likely started the season for us; now we can assume it will be Laird. Again, not knocking Laird’s skills as a player as he has proven himself more than capable, but he will only have the offseason to try to work on a rapport with the pitching staff to learn how they like to pitch. The other options are minor leaguers such as Christian Bethancourt and Evan Gattis both of whom are not really ready for everyday duty in the majors as of yet.

This seems to me like a very cheap move by the current ownership and another case of Frank Wren being Frank Wren. I hope it all works out in the end and the Braves can return to past glory, but I am still not going to be happy about losing out on such a great person as David Wade Ross.

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August 15, 2012

King Felix Reigns Supreme

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Congratulations to Felix Hernandez for pitching the 23rd perfect game in MLB history a few minutes ago. Personally I would LOVE to have Felix as a Brave but I realistically realize that is all but impossible. The only way we would get him if he had a catastrophic injury or it was in the final years of his career. A truly amazing pitcher and one of the best in the league right now. Thank you for pitching in the AL West and not the NL East.

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The Melk Has Turned Sour

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So apparently Melky Cabrera tested positive for testosterone and admitting using a substance that was illegal. He has been suspended 50 games. All this in the midst of what was the best year of his career. As basically EVERY Braves fan that actually watched games could tell you, this comes as NO surprise at all. Melky is, was, and always will be a mediocre at best player.

Flashback to 2010. One of the WORST statistical seasons not just for his career but for the entire league. Not to mention the infamous “throwing a wet bar of soap” incident. Suddenly he goes from some schmuck hitter to an MVP candidate in less than 2 years and people didnt think to question that? He had a good year in KC but no telling what if anything he used there.

My belief is that he didnt use in KC or at the most just experimented with it. His usage didnt really begin until he joined the Giants franchise which earlier this season had another player suspended under the league’s drug policy. A franchise which was home to one of the most notorious suspected users of PEDs, Barry Bonds. I joked on my twitter that Melky had gotten Bonds’ old locker and found some leftover “flaxseed oil” which is what Bonds claimed he thought he was taking.

Obviously this is purely opinion, but for a player that had never even been above average to suddenly be an MVP candidate and get caught using illegal substances I think it speaks pretty clearly to the advantages said drugs can give a player.

It has been said that steroids can only make you hit harder, that it can’t make you a better hitter. Well in the case of one Melky Cabrera, it DID. He had no uptick in power numbers and his hitting was really the result of a lot of luck and fluky hits. Obviously testosterone doesn’t increase luck. But perhaps it helped his timing, his vision?, or something else. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know.

But at the end of the day the truth about Melky has come to light. That his meteoric rise has an equally brilliant crash back to earth. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig…er Melky.

I would like to, on behalf of all Braves fans everywhere, extend a genuine and heartfelt “Thank You” to Melky Cabrera. It wasn’t that you just sucked for us, it’s that you cheated for them. And I guess all that crotch chopping and other antics were just part of your roid rage?

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July 28, 2012

Medlen to the Rotation… Finally

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Kris Medlen is tentatively scheduled to start in place of Jair Jurrjens on Tuesday. I actually will be able to watch this game so expect a write up and an objective as possible review of his performance

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July 1, 2012

Soapbox Time

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Ok so I was just glancing through tweets and saw something about Yu Darvish and saw the word “rookie” used for him. In my not so humble opinion Asian imports who have been playing professional ball overseas should NOT be considered rookies.

Case in point Ichiro. He was considered a rookie YET people ALSO want to count his stats from Japan in his hits totals. Um NO?! You cannot have both. Either he’s a rookie or he has prior stats. That’s like counting Chipper’s hits and HRs from when he was in the minors. It’s NOT MLB so they don’t count towards career stats.

And if you say Asian ball is the same as the minors well maybe. BUT not really. Those leagues I consider to be more advanced than the minors. Even though they play in matchbox stadiums with smaller balls that will travel farther and thrown faster.

A lot of this animosity obviously stems from Chipper being ROBBED of his ROY by Hideo Nomo (where is he at now?) but my point remains.

If you agree/disagree let me hear it in the comments section. I’m going to hop down from my soapbox now. #EndRant

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May 30, 2012


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If you haven’t heard already Kris Medlen was sent down to AAA Gwinnett got get stretched out to join the starting rotation in Atlanta.  The numbers when he started were like 13-1 in games he played.  Sounds good to me.  My question to you is Who will or should he replace? The most likely candidates are Mike Minor or Randall Delgado.  While I personally think Delgado has performed better Minor is a lefty and you generally want a LHP in your rotation.  Otherwise the opposing manager can stack his roster with LH batters and not have to change his lineup to play the matchups.  Let us know what you think in the poll below.  Personally I’m voting Minor just because I think he needs to get out of his head and back to basics in Gwinnett.

Who should Medlen replace in the rotation?

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May 24, 2012


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Hi guys,

Lets play a game.  I’ll list some stats for 3 different players and you tell me who you would rather have playing or pitching. Answers at the end.

Which batter do you want?


Which pitcher do you want?



Batter A: Juan Francisco
Batter B: Chris Nelson, Rockies
Batter C: Ian Stewart, Cubs

Pitcher A: Kris Medlen
Pitcher B: Chad Durbin
Pitcher C: Mike Minor

The stats don’t lie folks.  Something is rotten in Atlanta. We’ve got TONS of talent on this roster. We just gotta get that talent onto the field and sit the guys that just aren’t cutting it right now. If they pick it up later on great but for now they need to ride some pine and get their heads right.

How does this scenario strike you:

  1. Send Minor to the minors to get a little more seasoning against some easier competition.
  2. Put Medlen in the 5 spot.
  3. Bring up Joey Terdoslavich to play 3rd or Jose Constanza to play LF and put Prado at 3rd until Chipper is ready to come back full time.

Aight I’m done with my rant, but you can look forward to more statistical analysis/manipulation in the future. For now lets get ready for the homestand this weekend and get back onto the winning track.



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May 18, 2012

Hi Everybody

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First attempt at a blog so bear with me. A little Background info on myself. My name is Brandon, I’m 27 from a small NC town. I consider myself an adequate athlete being able to play most any sport to at least a passable level of skill. Lifelong Braves fan. Grew up loving guys like Clontz and Wohlers, and Klesko and Javy (and if you don’t know any of those guys get your google on).

I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with Mathematics minor so I will analyze and look at stats more in depth and differently than other people.

My blogs should be fun to read if you enjoy shows like Around the Horn or First Take or Sportsnation because I am capable of going on a rant if given the subject and motivation. (You’ll see a glimpse in a minute).

I have players I like, players I don’t like but respect, and then guys I just can’t stand *cough* Bonds *cough*

Follow me on twitter at @KrisMedlensBill . Myself and the other bloggers usually tweet during games for your enjoyment.

Now time for a rant… Chipper Jones is one of the best switch hitting 3rd baseman of ALL TIME! That’s a fact no one can argue against. My list of people I can’t stand includes one Vinny Castilla. Braves picked him up and moved Chipper to LF to make room for him. FIRST thing Chipper is better than Castilla could even fathom being. Chipper should not be supplanted by any player unless you get a time machine and grab Ripken, Jr in his prime. Then MAYBE! But I firmly believe (wrongly or rightly) that a lot of Chipper’s current ailments stem from that time spent in the outfield because of Vinny. So in my mind NO VINNY=Chipper NOT retiring yet. And I don’t think there is any Braves fan that would hate Chipper staying around a few more years. And I don’t remember being overly impressed with Castilla’s performance either. So we move Chipper for a guy who doesn’t live up to the billing and lose a few years off Chipper’s career the way I see it. So here’s to you Vinny Castilla. You are the first member on “The List” … Check back soon for other List members including the likes of Terry Pendleton and Melky Cabrera.

Thanks for reading guys and have a nice day

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