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February 17, 2014

Spring Training. New Year. New Contracts. New Slates

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As I sit here and rejoice in the fact that Spring Training is here, I realize Spring Training is like a clean slate and a new beginning for each season. All 32 teams go into Spring Training excited about the chance of a new dawn. Even the Padres… But, this is the Braves blog, and I’m a Braves fan. So, let’s talk about the Braves.

This off season (up until 3 weeks ago?) was very quiet. Most of us were upset the Braves didn’t try to sign Huddy, Eric, or Macattack or even test the free agency pool. Random resginees began to happen (Pena, Schafer, Walden, etc.). Then one afternoon, I’m sitting here doing homework and I get a phone alert. “Braves avoid arbitration and sign Jason Heyward to a 2 year deal” wait what? The Braves didn’t give up? So, I log on Twitter and see a Freddie deal is coming to a close. “Braves sign Freddie Freeman to an 8 year 135 million dollar deal” WAIT, WHAT? I was ecstatic, like many of you. Wren didn’t quit there. Tehran and Killa Craig were next, and hopefully soon, Simmons will get his turn. In a matter of 2-3 weeks, a disappointing off season turned into 8 years of hope and excitement.

Not only did HUGE contracts happen recently, the entire team (except Simmons who had travel issues or something) reported to Orlando early. That right there says something about the excitement of the players. So Freddie, Heyward, J. Upton, and CJ23 are there working hard, taking pictures, signing autographs, and being awesome. And then there’s Uggla. Honestly, where do you begin? I’ve rooted for this dude for 2 years and what do I get? Nothing other than a guy who can’t get to the Mendoza line. It’s sad really. And disappointing. But the Uggla does an interview with Jeff Schultz (of the AJC) and explains he “was a mess” last season. He’s worked hard, redone his swing, lost some weight, and is ready to get back to business. So, Dan, YOU HAVE ONE MORE SEASON BEFORE I’M DONE WITH YOU! Clean slate and all that, Uggz. One more season and I’m with the rest of Braves Country. I’m not going to start the BJ Upton rant.

So here we go. Spring Training is here. Palm trees, fresh grass, sun, and baseball. It’s beautiful. It’s refreshing. It’s America’s past time. And, it’s back again for us.
Getcha choppin’ arm ready and LET’S GO BRAVES!

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